Welcome to the North Texas Region of the Classic Car Club of America

The North Texas Region is a division of the national club and was organized in 1973. The region comprises the north half of Texas and the north half of Louisiana. We have over 90 members, most residing in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but we also have a number of members in east and west Texas and in Louisiana.

The mission of the club is to further the restoration and preservation of distinctive motor cars produced during the period from 1925 and 1948, to provide a channel of communication for those interested in such cars, and to bring together in good fellowship all who own or admire these finest examples of automotive craftsmanship.

The sole requirement of membership is a demonstrable interest in Classic cars. The cars acknowledged as Full Classic ™Cars are distinguished for their respective fine design, high engineering standards, and superior workmanship. Not all cars produced during that time period have been given the distinction of being Full Classics™.

Texas Car Classic

Texas Car Classic

This distinction has generally been given only to those cars made in the high end of the market

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